For he has delivered us from the kingdom of darkness and transferred us into the Kingdom of his dear Son, who purchased our freedom and forgave our sins. Colossians 1:13 & 14. 

Overweight and Eating Disorders

This is a renouncement list of some lies that people believe in regards to being overweight and eating disorders. All of these may not fit you but you will want to renounce all of them in case they are in your generations and family line or are there and you just don't realize it. So just renounce everything listed. Go slowly. Breathe regular. If you take a hit by coughing or tearing up, just renounce it again. If the Holy Spirit shows you something else to renounce, then renounce what you hear the Holy Spirit saying.

Open in prayer and then start renouncing the things off this list. You can do it by yourself in a quiet room with the Lord God Almighty, because Jesus is LORD. If you want help from a friend we suggest your friend is trustworthy, believes in deliverance, has done deliverance or is willing to get deliverance right along with you. You can do it together with a friend, but make sure they are not going to hinder you and your determination to get free.

If you really want to get free take this really seriously so you can get free. God the Father wants you free so you can hear His voice, His heart, and know Him better.

Demonic spirits are just lies. In the Bible, the words often translated as "demonic spirit" or "devil" or "unclean spirit", are the words that also mean darkened thinking or thoughts. Darkened thoughts are not from God and therefor lies. Lies can hurt us in so many ways. What you think and believe affects every part of you and your life. So lets get our thinking right when it comes to our weight. Lets align our thoughts and beliefs with God's. 

If you are determined to get un-stuck, then move forward and renounce the things that hold you back. This is a small list of things that could be blocking you, but I believe it will really help you hear the truth about yourself, about God, and how much He really loves you. Most of these things are lies that you have believed your whole life. But the truth is the Lord Jesus has already redeemed you from these curses. Your mind has to believe the truth. Receive he truth in your heart and the lies will be cast out.  

Renouncing stuff is just a tool to help tell ourselves that we don't want these things. We have the power to make them leave because of all Christ has done for us. The truth is Christ has already set us free. We are already free, we just don't believe it yet. So if renouncing and commanding things to leave helps us believe it, then great. It's all about what we believe! God's word and truth? Or our own darkened thoughts? 

On the physical side of things, Science has recently proven that most cases of obesity are cause by an insulin resistance in the body. Because the body has developed a tolerance for insulin (just like it would develop a tolerance for caffeine or other drugs) it needs more insulin in the body to do the same job. Insulin stores fat. So more insulin in the body cause the body to store more fat. The amount of insulin resistance determines a persons "set weight" or the weight your body works really hard to keep you at. So even if you eat right and exercise, your body adjusts to keep you at your set weight. This is one reason weight loss is so hard. This is a very over simplified explanation but gets the idea across. (For more info on this read "The Obesity Code")

I renounce: (say out loud).

I renounce: Insulin resistance and insulin tolerance

I renounce: too much insulin. 

I renounce: An unhealthy "set weight" and I receive a healthy one. 

I renounce: Lies and emotions of being unhappy about being fat. 

I renounce: Willpower battle on the “weight front”, I declare I have power, love and self-control.

I renounce: Being embarrassment of my overweight, by joking about it.

I renounce: I can’t fight and I can’t run.

I renounce: "My" present condition of being overweight. It isn’t mine.

I renounce: Fear of being a healthy weight, (ask the Lord about what is the fear, just listen, if you hear something renounce it. If not, move on. An example might be that you fear that if you are thin then you will attract the wrong people.)

I renounce: Excessive weight problem, malfunctions of the body.

I renounce: Unnatural weight gain through lies.

I renounce: Overeating problems and eating disorders that may be binding to me.

I renounce: fear of fasting, fear of side effects, getting a head ache, stomach ache, my digestion getting off track, my system not functioning correctly.

I renounce: Fear of starvation.

I renounce: Being hungry makes me grumpy, mad, or out of control.

I renounce: Fear of the fatigue, exhaustion, overtired if I don't eat.

I renounce: Fear of losing food as my comforter. I renounce inviting in the lie that of comfort food, inviting in the lie of false comforter.

I renounce: Feeling tormented if I eat and then tormented if I don't eat.

I renounce: the lie that I eat far less than others and gain weight.

I renounce: eating as a result of compulsion, voices hounding me, tormenting me saying “get some food”, “just get a snack it will hold you over till dinner” (what do you hear?)

I renounce: Lies and compulsion that drive me to over eat, eat without hunger, eating when not hungry.

I renounce: Believing I have abnormal hunger or appetite.

I renounce: The lie of unsuspected source of an unnatural eating problem.

I renounce: Fear of wearing a swim suit, puts weight on.

I renounce: When I make a decision to lose weight I eat everything in sight.

I renounce: Fear of how I look keeps weight on.

I renounce: Believing I have a spirit of gluttony, laziness and control, don’t tell me what to do.

I renounce: Lie of starvation, fear of starvation, all generational starvation from depression in the country I was born or live now.

I renounce: Lie of Insufficient milk supply as a baby tied to fear of starvation, and rejection, feeling deprived.

I renounce: Lie of Rejection from supplemental bottle of formula by not being breast fed.

I renounce: Lie of rejection from not being breast fed by your own mother.

I renounce: Lie of starvation rooted in adoption, or given away.

I renounce: Believing a demonic force is causing an unnatural functioning appetite and need for food.

I renounce: eating compulsively, eating compulsion, lies they make me eat.

I renounce: irrational eating habits.

I renounce: social overeating.

I renounce: sugar binges.

I renounce: my stomach is bigger that my eyes. My eyes are bigger that my stomach.

I renounce: the lie that I am compelled to overeat.

I renounce: eating when not hungry because food is offered free of charge

I renounce: all lies that rule the stomach and tell me when to eat, what to eat and how much to eat.

I renounce: all lies that are tied to your eating habits and inherited or learned influence from generations.

I renounce: false or unhealthy eating pattern from childhood tied to feeling comforted through food instead of parents.

I renounce: all eating disorders rooted in the fear of starvation.

I renounce: blocks to my decision or a series of decisions I made that shut down my determination to be healthy.

I renounce: listening to lies that want to kill me.

I renounce: all decisions, statements made, curses spoken not to be free from weight gain.

I renounce: lie of all generational curses of obesity, I inherited bad genes.

I renounce: all decisions to rebel and eat because of anger, rage, rejection, bitterness and despair, boredom, depression…… Renounce whatever your hearing from the Holy Spirit.

I renounce: making vows or monumental decisions rooted in lies, like you will never be thin, you will always be this way, there is no end to it, you've been trying your whole life, you are never going to be thin because I rule you.

Please continue to renounce anything else the Holy Spirit is leading you to say. Every person is different and every person has had different life experiences. We believe lies about so many things. You can get free.

Command the lies and darkened thinking out.

I command all the lies and all the lies I have just renounced to be broken and come out! I invite Holy Spirit to come in and fill every area the enemy has left. Spend some time worshiping Jesus the Lord. Know that the Holy Spirit was always there but it helps to picture him going into every place.

Use faith to move mountains!

Now lets use some faith to see what God can do. Faith can speak a thing and have it come to pass. Faith believes something that is unseen and makes it seen. Jesus said you can move mountains with faith. Most of the time weight loss feels like a mountain! But with faith all things are possible. Believe that God loves you so much! He wants to help you get healthy! Jesus said he came to give you life, abundant life! And it is for freedom Christ has set you free. And that it is God's good pleasure to give you the kingdom. The Bible also says that God has given us every spiritual blessing. So lets settle in your heart that God loves you, is with you in this and wants you to be healthy.

Now with faith, close you eyes and picture yourself well. Picture yourself healthy. Picture your body at the weight you want. Say out loud, I am healthy. I weight ____ (healthy amount that you want to weigh). This is my "set weight". My body will always regulate itself to this weight. I eat healthy and have healthy eating habits but I am also that person that can eat whatever I want, whenever I want with no fear of gaining weight. I can fast. I don't need food as a comforter. Food does not help me feel better. I eat to fuel my body. I enjoy food but don't abuse it. I don't eat for emotional reasons. I am that thin person I see. That's who I really am.  Food doesn't rule me. Food is just food. It has no power. 

Faith says believe without doubt and it will be done. And if you truly believe it is done then your emotions will be gratitude and love, excitement and joy. Let yourself feel the emotions you feel when these prayers are answered. When you are thin and healthy, how will you feel? Let yourself feel this way because God has healed you! Just let yourself believe it. Thank you Lord. I am so grateful that you are healing me and setting me free. I am loosing weight! You have healed me and set me free! You really love me, I am so thankful, excited, relieved, happy! Now stay in this mindset of faith. Don't worry, you can always go back there if you start thinking negative thoughts about yourself again. Just take a moment and go back to faith. 

Whatever the Holy Spirit shows you please write it down and send it to me.

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Pastor Valerie Rounsfull