For he has delivered us from the kingdom of darkness and transferred us into the Kingdom of his dear Son, who purchased our freedom and forgave our sins. Colossians 1:13 & 14. 

The Restoration of All

Jesus the Messiah was the chosen one here

He is the restorer of all

This came forth from Elijah List Prophet Word 5/20/20 because of the Corona Virus in the news media. Look up the word on line for yourself. He thinks we are in a time of the restoration of all things. Here are a few scriptures to discuss this matter. The actually time of Restoration of all things has already come and gone.

Acts 3:17-22 (TPT) 17 “My fellow Jews, I realize that neither you nor your leaders realize the grave mistake you made. 18 But in spite of what you’ve done, God has fulfilled what he foretold through the prophets long ago about the sufferings of his Anointed One. 19 And now you must repent and turn back to God so that your sins will be removed, (exaleipho, means “obliterated” or “canceled) and so that times of refreshing will stream from the Lord’s presence. 20 And he will send you Jesus, the Messiah, the chosen one for you (that has been prepared)  21 For he must remain in heaven until the restoration of all thingrestoration in Greek is apokatastasis, which infers the restoration of creation to the state of existence before the fall. It is a medical term that means “restoration of perfect health.” has taken place, (This one the heavens must receive until the times of universal restoration) fulfilling everything that God said long ago through his holy prophets. 22 For has not Moses told us: ‘The Lord your God will raise up a prophet from among you who is like me. Listen to him and follow everything he tells you.

He is speaking to the Jews; he says your leaders do not recognize what’s going on for God fulfilled what has been foretold of the prophets right now in Jesus age. The anointed one is telling them to repent and turn back to God, just like John the Baptist came and said repent. Jesus is telling the Jews that they are far from God. We know they were following the father of lies, because they wanted Caesar as their KING.

God wants to remove their sin and that would cause a time of refreshing to come. With his presence being available for all. Jesus the Messiah was the chosen one here. He is the restorer of all things. It has taken place already because Jesus died on the cross and rose from the dead.

He is talking about Jesus Christ who came in the flesh, died on the cross, went to hell, freeing all the captives. Then went up to heaven and now He is seated in heavenly places. Seated at the right hand of God. Seated because it is finished. Seated because he did all the work that Jesus Christ had to do! It is complete!

The Bible is a prophetic voice! Not what is happening in the news or the newspaper or on your iPad. This is the false teaching of doom and gloom, across the world by those who teach Jesus Christ is coming soon.

The Bible is clear that in John’s day and the Revelation of Jesus Christ that the restoration of all things was and did happen before 70 A.D. Jesus said that they would die before the end of a 40-year generation in his day.

No physical temple ever needed again the physical temple is the living and breathing God’s home in humanity. Until you realize that you are the temple of the living God and that the river of life is in you and flowing out of you and you will keep seeking his return.

Wake up bride you are the wife of God.

You are one with him.

You can’t be separated, left behind or set to the desert for your sin, un-forgiveness or hidden agenda. Let the Father of light shine out of you by loving all people even during this corona virus. It is really just one more thing in our lives, that we see as a people in our day and age.

Created by evil men’s minds who can’t see that there really is a God and Father that loves them. Evil is always fighting back, always exchanging a truth for a lie. As the world turns and as the body of Christ preaches a good news/bad news gospel they will never reach the love of God inside themselves. For Christians are preaching only they go to heaven just as the Jews did. Error.

Hebrews 9:24-26 (MSB) 24 In Christ we have so much more than a type reflected in the tabernacle of holy places set up by human hands. He entered into the heavenly sphere itself, where he personally represents mankind face to face with God. 25 Neither was it necessary for him to ever repeat his sacrifice. The High Priests under the old shadow system stood proxy with substitute animal sacrifices, that had to be made once a year. 26 (The Mirror Bible) But Jesus did not have to suffer again and again since the 1-fall of the world; the 2single sacrifice of himself in the fulfillment of history now reveals how he has brought sin to 3nonexistence (naught, nothing, zero, nothingness).

(The word, 1katabole, means cast down. 2God’s Lamb took away the sins of the world 3Aramaic can be translated “annihilate sin”.)

Heb 9:27-28 The same goes for everyone: a person dies only once, and then faces judgment. 28 Christ died once and faced the judgment of the entire human race! His second appearance has nothing to do with sin, but to reveal salvation for all to 1 fully embrace him. (To fully embrace, 1apekdechomai, from apo, away from [that which defined me before] and ek, out of, source; and dechomai, to take into one’s hands to accept whole heartedly, to fully embrace. (Mirror Study Bible)

In his resurrection he appeared as Savior of the world! Sin is no longer on the agenda, for the Lamb of God has taken away the sins of the world! Jesus Christ fulfilled mankind’s destiny with death! [1 Cor 15:3-5, Rom 4:25, Acts 17:30, 31.]) (MSB)

Jesus did not come to condemn the world. The Father judges no one for he has handed over all judgment to the Son, who judged the world in righteousness when he took their judgment in his own body. Now in his appearance in us, his body, his mission is to unveil the consequence of redemption through the Holy Spirit.

Many Scriptures have been translated and interpreted with only a futuristic value and have consequently neutralized many, like the Jews, to diligently wait for the Messiah still to come. The Messiah has come once and for all as Messiah. Jesus appeared again after his resurrection and now his resurrection life in us as his body is the extension of his second appearance; God making his appeal to an already reconciled world to “be reconciled!” [Acts 3:26, 2 Cor 5:19, 20]

The church continued to postpone the reality that God introduced in Christ. We are now already fully represented in his blamelessness! The second coming as doctrine is not in context of these chapters at all! [See 1 Pet 1:10-13] The Aramaic word, maranatha, מרן אתא maran ata, means, "Our Lord has come"! (MSB)

God isn’t offended by your sin.

God isn’t traumatized by your actions.

God is not so disturbed by the things that he sees you do.

God completed what Jesus Christ his firstborn son was called and sent to do.

He came to complete the consummation of all people to himself when Jesus said “it is finished.”

For God himself came in the flesh and died for all his creation. God himself gave us eternal life in his son who is now seated in heaven and on the right-hand side of God.

God himself accomplished everything he will ever have to do to reclaim his earthly universe and our cosmos. Everything is now complete.

Jesus Christ created one new humanity Ephesians 2:12-22

The love of God is in you, do you not perceive see it?

Isaiah 43:18-19  18“Stop dwelling on the past. Don’t even remember these former things. 19 I am doing something brand new, something unheard of. Even now it sprouts and grows and matures. Don’t you perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and open up flowing streams in the desert.

Do you not perceive your divine destiny of power you have been given, everything you will ever need for righteousness holiness and godliness? You do not see that the prodigal son was given everything all inheritance was given the moment he was born that is Jesus in you.

Amos 3:7 (NKJV) Surely the Lord God does nothing,
Unless He reveals His secret to His servants the prophets.

Yes, he has left us prophetic words, but the season is past and the word is in you. You must decide which prophetic word has already come to pass. You are now the temple of God on Earth. Not the pope, the pastor, the leaders or the prophetic speakers. You can do the same.