For he has delivered us from the kingdom of darkness and transferred us into the Kingdom of his dear Son, who purchased our freedom and forgave our sins. Colossians 1:13 & 14. 

Perfect Plan for All Life

You are indeed the greatest idea that God has ever had !

The Apostle John was writing to the immediate audience in his day. As he wrote he was reminding the congregation of the prophecy’s that were going to be fulfilled soon in their day. Apostle John also kept in mind all the things that he saw and heard when his beloved Jesus Christ was alive and within his reach. The things John knew was something which caused him to start writing. When this book of John came out, most likely page by page, he specifically was writing to all the people within his hearing and for future generations.

In the beginning, 1arche, to be first in order, time, place or rank. The Word, 2logos, was ”with’ God; here and again in John 1:2 where it uses the Greek preposition 4pros, towards; face-to-face.

John 1:1-14 (du Toit, Francois. Mirror Study Bible) all from (MSB)

John 1:1 To go back to the very 1beginning, is to find the 2WORD already 3present there; 4faceto face with God. The Word is 3 I am; God’s 2eloquence echoes and 4concludes in him. The Word equals God.

John 1:2 The beginning mirrors the Word face to face with God. Nothing that is witnessed in the Word distracts from who God is. The Word that was from the beginning was not yet written nor spoken; it was simply face to face with God! The beginning declares the destiny of the Word, it would always only be who God is and conclude in God.

John uses the Active Indicative Imperfect form of the verb 3eimi, namely aen [ν] to continue to be, in the beginning ‘was’ the Word, which conveys no idea of origin for God or for the Logos, but simply continuous existence, “I am.”

The Word that was from the beginning was not yet written nor spoken; it was simply face to face with God! The beginning declares the destiny of the Word, it would always only be who God is and conclude in God. He came to his own all of humanity and they did not know him. Son ship is Didomi give something to someone that already belongs to them thus to return son ship already belongs to you though you may not know it.

The truth is they already belong to Jesus for they are born from above, they have their being and they also have their being in Him. Jesus has come to reveal man humanity’s true son ship. Jesus vindicated our origin and design the tabernacle became a Ginomai flesh-word in en us.

John 1:3 The Logos is the source; everything commences in him. He remains the exclusive Parent reference to their existence. There is nothing original, except the Word! The Logic of God defines the only possible place where mankind can trace their origin.

John 1:4 His life is the light that defines our lives. (In his life we discover the light of life.)

John 1:5 The darkness was pierced and could not comprehend or diminish this light (the lies of the Knowledge of good and evil were exposed and erased, by piercing Jesus Christ he concurred the darkness, now the light of Jesus Christ shined)

John 1:6 Then there was this man John (Jesus’ cousin, John the Baptist) commissioned by God;

John 1:7 his (John the Baptist) mission was to draw attention to the light of their lives (Jesus) so that what they witnessed in him would cause them to believe. (in their original life redeemed again) (before the fall was Jesus Christ creator of all, he already got it all back for all of Humanity at the Resurrection)

John 1:8 His ministry was not to distract from the light, as if he himself was the light but rather to point out the light Source. (John the Baptist pointed to Jesus Christ only and always)

John 1:9 A new day for mankind has come. The authentic light of life that illuminates everyone was about to dawn in the world. The incarnation would make the image of God visible in human form. In him who is the blueprint of our lives there is more than enough light to displace the darkness in every human life. He is the true light that enlightens everyone!

John 1:10 Although no one took any notice of him (Jesus Christ), he was no stranger to the world; he always was there and is himself the author of all things.

John 1:11 It was not as though he arrived on a foreign planet; he came to his own (the Jewish nation who he had made a covenant with), yet his own did not 1recognize him.

The word, 1paralambano, comes from para, a preposition indicating close proximity, a thing proceeding from a sphere of influence, with a suggestion of union of place of residence, to have sprung from its author and giver, originating from, denoting the point from which an action originates, intimate connection; and lambano, to comprehend, grasp, to identify with. (MSB)

John 1:12 Everyone who 1realizes their association in him, 6convinced that he is their 2original life and that 7his name defines them, God 5gives the assurance that they are indeed his 4offspring, 2begotten of him; he 3sanctions the legitimacy of their sonship. This word suggests that even though he came to his own, there are those who do not 1identify with their true 2origin revealed in him, and like the many Pharisees they behave like children of a foreign father, the father of lies [John 8: 44]. Neither God’s legitimate fatherhood, nor his ownership is in question; mankind’s indifference to their true 2origin is the problem. This is what the Gospel addresses with utmost clarity in the person of Jesus Christ. (MSB)

Jesus has come to introduce the individual to themselves again; mankind has forgotten what manner of person they are by design! [James 1:24, Deuteronomy 32:18, Psalm 22:27]. The word, 2genesthai, from ginomai, means to generate; to become; John employs this verb in the Aorist Infinitive tense, which indicates prior completion of an action in relationship to a point in time. Greek Infinitives could have either a present or Aorist form. The contrast between the two forms has more to do with aspect than with time. The Present Infinitive is used to express progressive or imperative aspect. It pictures the action expressed by the verb as being in progress. The Aorist Infinitive however does not express progressive aspect. It presents the action expressed by the verb as a completed unit with a beginning and end. This is an important point since many translations of this verse suggests that God’s ability to make us his sons can only be in response to something, we must first do in order to trigger God into action! Our grasping [lambano] is simply the awakening to the fact that our genesis is already completed in the Logos.

See John 1:3 above. The Logos is the source; everything commences in him. He remains the exclusive Parent reference to their genesis. There is nothing original, except the Word. We are his offspring. [see also Acts 17:28]. The word, 3exousia, often translated “power;” as in, he gave “power” to 2become children of God, is a compound word; from ek, always denoting origin or source and eimi, I am; thus, out of I am! This gives 3legitimacy and authority to our Sonship; 4teknon, translated as offspring, child. “He has given,” 5didomi, in this case to give something to someone that already belongs to them; thus, to return. The fact that they already are his own, born from above and that they have their 2beginning and their being in him is now confirmed in their realizing it! Convinced, 6pisteo; 7his name onoma, is mankind’s family name. Ephesians 3:15 “He made to be their true selves, their child-of-God selves.” — The Message

John 1:13 These are the ones who discover their genesis in God, beyond their natural conception! This is not about our blood lineage or whether we were a wanted- or unwanted-child; this is about our God-begotteness. We are his dream come true and not the invention of our parents. You are indeed the greatest idea that God has ever had! (John 3:2-7)

John 1:14 Suddenly the invisible, eternal Word takes on 1visible form - the Incarnation, on display in a flesh and blood Person, as in a mirror! In him, and now confirmed in us! The most accurate tangible exhibit of God’s eternal thought finds expression in human life! The Word became a human being; we are his address; he resides in us! He 2captivates our gaze! The glory we see there is not a religious replica; he is the 3authentic begotten Son. The 4glory (that we lost in Adam) returns in fullness! Only 5grace can communicate truth in such complete context!

In him we discover that we are not here by chance or accident or by the desire of an earthly parent, neither are we the product of a mere physical conception; we exist by the expression of God’s desire to reveal himself in the flesh. His eternal invisible Word, his Spirit-thought, 1became flesh, 1ginomai, as in be born and 2theaomai, meaning to gaze upon, to perceive. We saw his glory, 4doxa, the display of his opinion, the glory as of the original, authentic begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth. He is the “only begotten,” 3monogenes; begotten only by the Father and not of the flesh; in him we recognize our true beginning, as in the authentic original mold. He is also the “first born from the dead”, declaring our new birth. [1 Peter 1:3]. He is the revelation of our completeness. And out of ek his fullness have we all received! The preposition, ek always points to source/origin. Grace mirrored in grace, 5garin anti garitos. For the law was given through Moses, grace and truth came through Jesus Christ. He who is in the bosom of the Father, the only original, authentic begotten of the Father; he is our guide who accurately declares and interprets the invisible God within us. Interesting that the revelation of the Incarnation in verse 14 doesn’t follow verse 2 or 3, but verse 12 and 13! Genesis 1:26 is redeemed! See 2 Corinthians 3:17-18.

John 14:9 “Phillip, I have been with you for a long time, and yet you haven’t really known me? To see me is to see the Father! How can you still say, “Show us the Father?”

Nothing that is witnessed in the Word distracts from who God is. The Word that was from the beginning was not yet written nor spoken; it was simply face to face with God! The beginning declares the destiny of the Word, it would always only be who God is and conclude in God.

John 8:58 “before Abraham was born, genesthai from ginomai I am.” The word eimi, I am;

Colossians 1:16 Everything that is begins in him whether in the heavenly realm or upon the earth, visible or invisible, every order of justice and every level of authority, be it kingdoms or governments, principalities or jurisdictions; all things were created by him and for him.

This is so clear every created being is in Jesus Christ. This is the truth of where we all came from. Isaiah 9:2-4, Isaiah 60:1-3, Colossians 1:13-15

Darkness represents mankind’s ignorance of their redeemed identity and innocence.

Remember John wrote this after Matthew and Luke wrote their Gospels. This is an important fact because John did not replay or rewrite things that they mentioned he had his own mandate from God the Father to talk about who God was.

The priest seeds of Moses brought us forward, this isn’t a new direction but an ancient conversation, God’s voice prophetically delivered to the Kingdom of Heaven onto the earth.

How can an old word be new?

Whatever is true of Jesus is equally true of you!

Look you have One Life show Jesus how much you appreciate what he has done for all humanity. Leave a godly legacy to please your Father. He is the God in all. He willingly put us all here to be together.

The same oneness enjoyed between the father and the son: John is so determined to relate to all his listeners that they are in Son-ship already.

John 14:17 Your eternal companion is the Spirit of truth who cannot be grasped by the world-order since their visual horizon is veiled and they are not able to understand what they cannot see. But you know because you are already acquainted with the Spirit in me and this same Spirit will reside within you. (In the Incarnate Word, spirit dimension is not a foreign place, neither is the Spirit a foreign person to you!) du Toit, Francois. Mirror Study Bible

As Jesus Christ is in God so are, we in Jesus right here on the earth. The church destroyed this belief long ago, the church brought darkness especially toward the 4th to 5th century and into today’s gospel which is only if you received Jesus Christ only if you are a true Christian only if you really believe only, only, only, if, if, if. That is the same mistake the Jews perpetuated when they didn’t allow their own people into the presence of God and keeping them separated.

John 3:2-7 (MSB) 2 He came to see Jesus under the cover of the night and said to him, “Rabbi, it is 1clear for all of us to see that you 2come from God as a Teacher - the signs you perform are proof that God is 6with you! 3No one is 4able to do these signs you do 5if they are not in 6union with God. (The thoughts from the following six words are repeated in the answer Jesus gives Nicodemus: 1oidamen, from eido, to perceive, to see; to discern. 2eleluthas, from erchomai, to come from; 3oudeis, no one; 4dunamis, to be capable; able; to have the power to accomplish. 5ean me, unless; if not; 6meta, together with; to be included in; to be in union with.) 3 Jesus answered him emphatically; no one would even be able to recognize anything as coming from God’s domain unless they are born from above to begin with! The very fact that it is possible to perceive that I am in union with God, as a human being, reveals mankind’s genesis from above! Notice from the previous verse how Jesus employs a play of words from the question of Nicodemus. Here Jesus uses the word anouthen meaning from above - see James 1:17, every good and perfect gift comes anouthen [from above] 4 Nicodemus did not understand this answer at all and said to him, “How can a person be born if they are already grown-up? Surely one cannot re-enter your mother’s womb and be born a second time? (Nicodemus looks at the subject merely from the physical side. His “second time” is not the same as Jesus’ “from above.” As Godet remarks, “he does not understand the difference between a second beginning and a different beginning.”) 5 Jesus answered, you have to get this, unless someone is born out of water (the womb) and Spirit, there would be no possible connection with the realm of God! 6 Whatever originates out of flesh is flesh; but what is sourced in Spirit is spirit! (The Message says, when you look at a baby, it’s just that: a body you can look at and touch. But the person who takes shape within is formed by something you can’t see and touch--the Spirit) 7 Don’t be so surprised when I say to you [manity - plural!] You couldn’t get here in the flesh unless you got here from above!

See John 1:13 at beginning. These are the ones who discover their genesis in God beyond their natural conception! This is not about our blood lineage or whether we were a wanted or an unwanted child - this is about our God-begotten-ness; we are his dream come true! We are not the invention of our parents! [You are the greatest idea God has ever had!]

1 Corinthians 13:12 There was a time of 1suspense, when everything we saw was merely mirrored in the prophetic word, like in an enigma; but then [when I became an adult in the revelation of Christ] I gaze face-to-face that I may know me, even as I have always been known!

The word, 1arti, comes from airo, meaning to keep in suspense. “I knew you before I formed you in your mother’s womb! Jeremiah 1:5 (MSB)

Jesus is the only begotten, monogenes- original, authentic mold. Jesus created the mold for all humanity we are that mold. Not bad mold like in your shower but molded shaped, given to you were molded as a copy of, clone of Jesus Christ. He can never get out of you because you are his perfect image.

Colossians 1:18 To their own loss the message of the cross seems foolish to some; but to us who discover our salvation there, it is the dynamic of God.

1 Peter 1:3 So let us 1boast about it and bless the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ with articulate acclaim! We were 2born anew, when Jesus was raised from the dead! He reconnected us to our original genesis. This new birth endorses and celebrates the 3expectation of the ages; God’s eternal love dream concludes in life!

The law of Moses came forth but grace and truth came through Jesus Christ the King of Kings, the Lord of lords, the Prince of peace, the wonderful counselor, the mighty God, the everlasting father, the forgiver of sin, sickness and death, the strong high tower, the place of refuge, the inner sanctuary, the ark of the covenant, the power within you to rise up and see his presence.

Right now, overcome the voice of lies with the truth of whose you really are. You can please your heavenly Father by resting in Jesus Christ. No performance needed. You do not have to do anything say anything. Just rest open your heart to him let him speak to you. Visualize yourself walking with Him. What do you want to say? What do you need to feel? How can you be sure? Listen to the still quite voice. Be still and focus of your heart’s desire.

Ephesians 4:18 (MSB)The life of their design seems foreign to them because their minds are darkened through a hardened heart ruled by ignorance. They are blinded by the illusion of the senses as their only reference, stubbornly wearing a blindfold in broad daylight. (Hardness of heart is the result of a darkened understanding; a mind veiled through unbelief. See 2 Cor 4:4.)

You can realize now you are a living breathing son of your creator Jesus Christ who has declared your freedom from sin and death. Your freedom from sin comes when you realize you are no longer have to rebel to get his attention, he is already your loving father he wants you to see him for who he is. His real goal is to show you the family ring that is already on your hand he made your hands to love and they are covered with Jesus.

He already put the cloak onto your shoulders when you came forth from your mother’s womb your God is your covering and your armor protective armor. He already placed you on you on your feet the glorious shoes for now the holy ground is yours is in you can you wear your shoes to go anyplace on the planet on earth and he will speak for you.

The life Jesus Christ leads is exemplified out of your own body. You are the living Temple of Jesus Christ in the earth today do you see the interbeing that you carry is him. Do you hear his presence when you go to the left or to the right? Do you see from a perspective of life that has been planted in you by the glorious Holy Spirit of his presence? Since the day of Jesus Christ resurrection and ascension to heaven the glory of the Holy Spirit was poured into every DNA self in the one new humanity.

His glory was given to all by the precious blood of reconciliation. Jesus Christ on behalf of all humanity paid the price one time to offer up himself the triune God of the universe who came in the flesh and won the battle against the lies of the knowledge of the tree of good and evil. This tree is now hacked down and the eternal tree of life is present inside of all that one new humanity.

The DNA of all people is now consummated in the entire body of Christ, the temple of the living God. His perfect plan for each life is different, he declared you born (not your parents). He declared you justified not by the law but by grace and truth. He declared you enclosed into his Holy Spirit presence not separated not left behind not forsaken. He can’t be removed or erased from your existence. Whether you be in heaven or you be under the earth he is with you meaning whether you’re alive right now or even after you pass away and die you will be with him.

The lies of evil, destruction and despair don’t come from him. You have stored up the lies from the evil voices you listen to in your mind. The fall of mankind or the fallen mindset of mankind, often translated Devil, the accuser. Who is the accuser? Who speaks evil out of you? Your own evil for you don’t understand where you have come from and whose you are. The creator God loves you this I know.

Matthew 15:19 You will find living within an impure heart, evil ideas, murderous thoughts, adultery, sexual immorality, theft, lies, and slander……

Your parents said… Your brother or sister said… Your teachers said… Someone you looked up to said… Your priest’s or pastor or church friend said… You are separated from God if you don’t love your husband even though his beating the crap out of you, you’re not a Christian today, you better go home and repent a little more, you better read your Bible more, you better pray more, you better, you better you better. Pure evil lies of guilt, shame, judgement and condemnation. He didn’t come but to Love.

These are the voices of doom and gloom, religious rhetoric and ungodly judgment and condemnation. I already told you are a son he already gave you the ring of authority he gave you the cloak of his divine protection and love he already put shoes on your feet so you could go anywhere you want to go and become anyone you want to become because he is in you to empower you and fulfill the dreams and visions that you have inside of you. He even gave you those dreams and visions he is trying to direct your path so that your life here on this planet for one season of time will be the most wonderful life a person could ever live. As tears are pouring down my face, I can’t understand people who want to live in horror and terror and be mean to their children. It tears me apart when I know that there is a God who loves you and you and you. Why do you choose to turn away? He is already loving you. See Him.

You are not separated from God the triune God, you are not abandoned or rejected as Adam and Eve believed. Why would Christ die on the cross if nothing changed? If all humanity wasn’t freed. Why would He die? Ask yourself the question there has to be more right?

·         I grew up in the church I taught Sunday school for 20 years, I taught junior and high school youth groups. I became a pastor going to seminary studying all the things that involves and being a pastor. I remember one leader of our church said that if their parents don’t go to this church you cannot let them come into your youth group. Are you kidding me! Isn’t that why I’m here? To bring anyone into the presence of God, to let them know about a loving Fathers who loves them? Judgmental, wicked wisdom, I was so upset my response might’ve not been what he wanted, but I said “I will minister to every kid God brings to me, that is my job to love unconditionally. I turned and walked away. I could’ve lost my job. I could’ve been mocked. I could’ve been rejected but I just let it go and I kept doing what God told me to do. Take a stand for all those in front of you, Jesus works through us all.

Do this they would say, do that they would say, you must think this way, you must think that way. What they were speaking was error and it was rampant in the church and it was infiltrating the true message of God the Father. They would destroy you before you even had a chance to really know God.

The invisible God within all humanity is alive he is not dead, he is calling you for he is pursuing your heart and he wants to transform your mind, not by rules and regulations but by realizing that he is a God who loves you. The Father you never knew, the mother you never understood, the pain that was inflicted upon you was not his plan or intention, but by the evil of man’s own will. What is your will? Do you look like and represent your evil father, evil mother, join your evil brother in gangs, molesting women or little boys? God never thought of these horrible things. Man did it to himself?

1 John 1:2 (MSB) the same life that was from the father with the father from the beginning has now gone inside of all living souls creating one humanity in himself. All of humanity is in Jesus Christ himself. Jesus Christ infinite life of coming in a human form he was able to break the timeless existence of I am. The word Eimi equals timeless existence, I am. He broke through the timeless existence and poured out eternity redemption for all. You have a choice right now, turn.

Ephesians 6:11 Fully immerse yourself in the detail and significance of every individual part of the armor of God. [Acquaint yourself with all that God’s victory in Christ represents.] The fall of mankind or the fallen mindset of mankind, often translated Devil, the accuser (not a demon or angel in a red suit).

1 Corinthians 15:47 Human life was reduced to slavery and the soul-ruled earthly realm through Adam’s fall but is now awakened to lordship in the heavenly realm of spiritual realities through the knowledge of our co-resurrection with Christ. (MSB)

We theologically created the idea of a person being “sinful by nature” as if humans are flawed by design. In fact, it is a distorted mindset that we inherited from Adam that Jesus had to free us from. Peter says that we were redeemed from the futile ways we inherited from our fathers. [1 Pet 1:18] “Your indifferent mindset alienated you from God into a lifestyle of annoyances, hardships, and labors, sponsored by the law of sin and death that lodged in your bodies hosting a foreign influence, foreign to your design; just like a virus that would attach itself to a person.” Colossians 1:21. There is nothing wrong with our design or salvation, we were thinking wrong. See Isaiah 55:8-11

Ephesians 4:17-18 (MSB) 17 The gift of Christ gives dimension to grace and defines our individual value. (Grace was given to each one of us according to the measure of the gift of Christ. (RSV) One measure, one worth! Our worth is defined by “his gift” not by a reward for our behavior.) 18 The life of their design seems foreign to them because their minds are darkened through a hardened heart ruled by ignorance. They are blinded by the illusion of the senses as their only reference, stubbornly wearing a blindfold in broad daylight. (Hardness of heart is the result of a darkened understanding; a mind veiled through unbelief)

Lookup and read Ephesians 2:1-11

That very day the tide was turning and when he was able to show that to all humanity. The Father whom they had forgotten by the Jews leaders, the rituals, and religious traditions was not able to stop what the Trinity had planned. win back his legal claim on all humanity.

When you look at someone in front of you-Jesus is looking back.

When you look in a mirror you can’t escape his gaze.

The fiery love burning inside of you has been loving you in your sorrow, pain, rejection and judgments.

He has been calling you to a higher place of victory in relationship with him. You have all you will ever need inside of you to compel you to greatness. No lies, no rules and regulations, no stubborn anger of rebellion against this present darkness that you think you carry and that you think you are! That isn’t the real you, you can see the real you at times operating out of yourself. A moment of love pierces through your eyes when you see a child abused, shamed or murdered. Today in our world the life of an innocent is hidden by a woman’s rage, despair, abuse and helplessness but it brings grief to your inner being. You are struck by the inhumanity of others. With no way to help you let the glimpse of evil to just pass out of your vision. What if that was you? what if your life never happened? Our loving Jesus desires for what he created to be loved and cherished. You really a beloved son or daughter of the King.

The creator God decided the time has come. The time is right, causing him to declare, I have won the victory for all humanity no matter how humans die, they are mine. No matter what war battle, in hatred, in accident, in childbirth all are mine! The father gave them all to me. I am in all and through all and love all. The father and I are one. We are one. You can realize I love you and I live in you.

Today the body of Christ, called the church has never realize my true love potential in them. Until they say that I died for all my creation!  For all humanity I created in Myself One New Humanity. You can’t get away from me, my love never fails, my presence in you is saturated as the new yeast of the Holy Spirit grows and multiplies in and through the flesh and blood bodies of all humanity.

The power of my presence, never came to judge or condemn. I never came to strike you with lightning or punish you over and over as you went through sin again and again. The lies of a loving church member have told you just that lies. You are sick with cancer so you can pray for someone sick in the hospital. Garbage pure garbage the karma you are in right now is because of your actions. Karma is a religious performance-based religion. God doesn’t bless you because of karma, what you do, or how religious you are. He blesses because that’s who he is.

My love for you is not based on your performance, is not based on using yes Jesus I invite you into my heart, or if I reviewed what will you give me this in that list and give me everything I desire if I follow you?

I never spoke this, I never perpetuated this, the evil of men is controlled by you. The evil is in the mind of mankind from the lie that you are separated from me. You are not separated from me. Everyone alive right now has always been connected to me, you have always been the glorious joy of my life.

You may know the feeling about separation when you truly love someone but they don’t love you.

No matter what you do, speak love, give gifts, help them pay their bills, give them food, care for them without asking for anything in return, not even sexual favors, no payoffs or bribes to win their love, they don’t want you. So, when your pure love for them isn’t returned to you, how does that make you feel?

How do you make sense of it? The love inside you stays there you keep that precious moments to yourself and you never let them go. This will always be the love of your life no matter what they do to you, you would not stop loving them. Even though they turned to another, even though you see them going deeper and deeper into separation separating themselves from you. Your love never fails, your compassion, mercy, grace and endurance will always be calling to them. You’re the best friend I’ve ever had but they don’t want you anymore. I love you no matter what you say, no matter what you choose in your life, I’ll always be here for you, I’m your first love don’t forget.

My love never fails you. Your eyes see that love but it is not reflected back to you. No matter what I see, I love you anyway, I see your compassion for others but you don’t love me that way. I see you giving and sharing yourself totally to someone who isn’t in love with you as “I am”.

I see the hidden message in your mind that produces fear and anxiety as you question yourself will it last, with this new love? You can see the burning flame in their heart of bad choices good choices. They choose the best in their knowledge at the time. They choose based on past experiences of grief, sorrow and maybe even joy or love. But the one that you have been pursuing does not want you, does not want you in their life.

These are the same pains that your Father God deals with about you. You do not recognize his love. You do not recognize that he has been there from the moment you took your first breath. You were close to him when you were young, but the lies of the world have hidden His joy from you. His Love Endures.

You decided you could do everything yourself to protect your heart from being wounded again and again. So, you shut out the God of your creation. You join the friends that will drag you down every day of your life. Instead of seeing them who they really are just trying to be better than you, just trying to stay above water or they are hurting just like you. We all need to meet or Father creator internally he isn’t far away. He has you in Himself already.

Jesus Christ never came to condemn or control you. He died on the cross reconciling the planet to himself no matter what you do, no matter where you been in life, no matter how much shame or regrets that you dig up every day. This will not change the fact that He is your God and Father and will never leave you.

For years and years, I believe that lies were what trapped people in sickness. I still believe that today. The lies that we have in our minds are what cause us to be sick and hinder us from maturing into God loving people, to make our planet whole and safe without fear and terror.

If you could just believe for a moment, in this moment right now, that the lies in your head can go away, can be dissolved and transformed into the truth of who you really are, I ask you to search out these Scriptures below. It’s not even about reading your Bible; it’s about going to that inner place inside of you to hear the voice of God the Father who stated that you have the word of God living in you. It’s not a book on the outside of you. It is the living word inside of you.

It is his power, his love, his restoring thoughts that are in you. Please, if you will take time to listen.

I hope you cry your eyes out, I am. He loves me because he loves everyone. So, if he could love everyone, He could love me. This revelation hit me hard and I personally have never been the same.

“He has come to give us understanding to know him who is true and to realize that we are in him who is true.”

1 John 5:20 This is what has become distinctly clear to us: the 1coming of the Son of God is God’s mission accomplished! He is the incarnate Christ. The moment all of Scripture pointed to has arrived! The Son is 1present! In him God has given us the greatest gift, 2a mind whereby we may know him who is true; and in the same knowing, to find ourselves there in him who is true! Mankind is fully included and located in him, in his Son Jesus Christ; this means that whatever Jesus is as Son, we are. This is the true God; this is the life of the ages! (MSB)

This one little issue has changed my life. I cannot worry about my finances anymore; he can take care of it. I cannot worry about my daughter going to New York to battle the corona virus with her ambulance Team. Literally I cannot worry about it. This one little issue has changed my life when I look at people, I see Jesus Christ literally. The word says if there’s any good in someone it is because of God, it is the love of God reflecting out of them.

James 1:17 Without exception God’s gifts are only good, its perfection cannot be improved upon. They come from 1above, (where we originate from,) proceeding like light rays from its source, the Father of lights, with whom there is no distortion or even a shadow of shifting to obstruct or intercept the light; nor a hint of a hidden agenda. (The word, 1anouthen, means, from above)

John 3:3 Jesus answered him emphatically; no one would even be able to recognize anything as coming from God’s domain unless they are born from above to begin with! The very fact that it is possible to perceive that I am in union with God, as a human being, reveals mankind’s genesis from above!

James 3:13 No one can fully engage in heaven’s perspective, unless one’s heavenly origin is realized! The Son of man declares mankind’s co-genesis from above!

I don’t even know if my Christian friends will receive this message, but that doesn’t matter anymore. The knowledge of his love is what matters.  What I know is that every person that is alive God has always been drawing them to himself.

Colossians 3:1-3 1 See yourselves co-raised with Christ! Now ponder with persuasion the consequence of your co-inclusion in him. Relocate yourselves mentally! Engage your thoughts with throne room realities where you are co-seated with Christ in the executive authority of God’s right hand. 2 Becoming affectionately acquainted with throne room thoughts will keep you from being distracted again by the earthly [soul-ruled] realm. 3 Your union with His death broke the association with that world; see yourselves located in a fortress where your life is hidden with Christ in God.

(du Toit, Francois. Mirror Study Bible) (Mirror Study Bible) (MSB) get yours today.


By Pastor Valerie Rounsfull

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Influence, union, present, the giver, son-ship, John-Baptist, pierced, darkness, light, sickness,

timeless-existence, I am, word, Lego, apostle, incarnate, devil, Satan, precepts, performance, freedom, breath-of-life, creator, invisible, eternal-word, behalf, blood, reconciliation, DNA, evil lies, destruction, power of presence


Faith isn't what you do in order to; it's what happens to you because of!

This God has given us as the mandate of our ministry. (The word, 1katalasso, translates as reconciliation; it is a mutual exchange of equal value. This transaction was not to buy us back from “the Devil”; a thief never becomes an owner; it was God redeeming our minds from the lies that we believed about ourselves - reconciliation is the bold unveiling of the value of the hidden treasure in everyone!