For he has delivered us from the kingdom of darkness and transferred us into the Kingdom of his dear Son, who purchased our freedom and forgave our sins. Colossians 1:13 & 14. 

Mystery of the Ages for Peace

One man represents the entire human race; this is the mystery of the ages!

Here is one First Century writer I like to learn and read about. Origen Adamantius was born of Christian parents in Alexandria 185 AD. He was taught in the scriptures as a boy reciting long passages from an early age. His father Leonides was martyred around 202 AD.  When Origen was 18 years old, he was appointed to the theological school in Alexandra as the president when the position became vacant by the flight of Clement, from heathen persecution. Origen learned the Hebrew language so he could translate the bible for himself. He was such a great teacher and preacher that he won many heathens to Christianity and other nations sought him out for guidance in the Word.

He went to Palestine in 230 AD and opened a school in Caesarea where her was growing in knowledge and fame. Soon after in 235 AD Marximinus drove him out and he went to Cappadocia in Greece. Later he returned to Palestine and finally went home to Alexandria where one of his former student Dionysius, had become a bishop. He hoped the climate had change in the areas of disagreements with other leaders, bishops and pastors.

Many documents are found by the first century writers but because the Alexandrian library was burned many works of great writings are gone. Origen was the greatest scholar of his age, and was a self-taught learner. He was pleasant, friendly with a disposition and manner of sympathy and sincere concern for all. He lived simply and he was fond of sharing his passion for the love of God the Father. He was unjustly treated by pagans and even those who said they love God but in reality were self-centered and created religious lie putting the people in and under bondage no different than the Jews did in Jesus Day. Origen had a strong passion for not adding anything the bible, one reason they grew to dislike him.  

Eusebiues a great writer relates how Origen in his old age, bore fearful suffering for the love he had for his master, Jesus Christ. He carried the scars of beatings, burning at the stake in his body until death. The horrible part I feel for Origen is that for 1500 years the professing Christian leaders of his day and beyond, were really lacking in great moral character themselves and were inferior in their knowledge of the Word.  These leaders denounced who he was, with many others they didn’t like and what they believed. They treated his knowledge with reproach and unworthiness.

As the centuries went by the tide turned and he was considered on of the greatest Christian apologists and exegetes of his day. One of the finest men after Paul the writer of much of the new testament. Origen was a distinctive universalist and he taught the teachings of his master. When you read the new testament today you must decide which scriptures apply to you. Which scripture are before the cross and which are after the resurrection and ascension?

The language of the new testament was in Origen mother’s tongue, so he couldn’t misunderstand what the Lord was teaching. He derived the teachings of Christ directly from Christ himself in a direct line through his teacher Clement a great teacher after Paul. Let’s make it clear here that what people think of universalist today isn’t what it meant back then.

You must learn to decipher what is a parable, a metaphor, a picture or vision representing something spiritual or not. There are spiritual, physical or many other ways to interpret something written. You were not there, I wasn’t there. Look for yourself into the deep things of God.

First Century writers were standing their ground with Origen who was convinced that the Roman Empire of pagan magistrate’s and priests had not really believed in Tartarus or Hell.  They were plotting and planning how they could control the people, to affect the masses and get them to submit to their ruler-ship. This does not excuse, but it explains the preaching of eternal punishment by men who didn’t believe it. They dared not entrust the truth to the masses, that they were free by Christ Jesus resurrection power from death. Which means that He ruler and reigned from heaven over the earth after his ascension, as he does today.

They held in reserve the real truth of the gospel - to deter men from sin. By preaching eternal fire for all who didn’t follow their rules, they were able to literally bring in the dark ages. Sound familiar? Why did Jesus come to the planet? Just to let the religious leaders keep people out of the Kingdom of God again? No way. That is what the Jews did.

When all the time the truth was God didn’t need the priests any longer to forgive the people. God had planted the word in all men after the resurrection. They could all become teachers, leaders and Priests. They had control of their destiny by believing who they were in Christ.

We are now Kings and Priests in the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

1 Peter 1:22-25 (Mirror Study Bible) 22 As a result of your 1accurate hearing of the unveiled truth, and through the agency of the Spirit, you have engaged your souls fully with the purifying effect of your inclusion in his glorious work of redemption. (The same Spirit of Christ who spoke from within the Prophets of old, now endorses truth within your spirit!) 23 This co-resurrection-new-birth does not compare to the fading qualities of that which is produced by the perishable seed of the carnal-works and performance-based mindsets. The indestructible living seed of the word of God conceives resurrection life within you; this life is 1equal to its source. (The word, 1meno means, abiding in seamless union or to remain the same. You are giving stature to the rise of a new person; a new resurrection generation of a people who are coming out of obscurity into his marvelous light!) 24” All flesh is grass, and all its glory is like the flower of the field. The grass withers, the flower fades, 25 but the word of our God is 1risen forever. This word is the 2exact same message of the glad tidings announced by the Prophets and now proclaimed unto you! (Peter again quotes from Isaiah 40, this time verses 6 and 8.


The Hebrew word 1Qum, קוּם means to rise up; like in Hosea 6:2, “After two days he will revive us, on the third day, he will raise us up!” Isaiah 40:6, 8; also see note on 1 Pet 1:13. The word 2meno is used in the Septuagint and also here in the Greek text, Peter uses the word, meno, to remain the same; to continue to be present. He continues to quote Isaiah also in the next chapter - 1 Peter 2:5) Mirror Study Bible

2 Peter 1:8-11 (Mirror Study Bible) 8 While you diligently rehearse the exact qualities of every divine attribute within you; the volume will rise with ever increasing gusto, guarding you from being ineffective and barren in your knowledge of the Christ-life, displayed with such authority and eloquence in Jesus. (“These things being in you.” The word uparcho, translates rehearse, from upo + archomai, to commence or rehearse from the beginning. The word arche, suggests commencement or beginning.) 9 If anyone feels that these things are absent in his life, they are not; spiritual blindness and short-sightedness only veil them from you. This happens when one loses sight of one’s innocence. (The moment one forgets the tremendous consequence of the fact that we were cleansed from our past sins, one seems to become pre-occupied again with the immediate sense-ruled horizon, which is what short-sightedness is all about; this makes one blind to his blessings. Spiritual realities suddenly seem vague and distant. Become acquainted with your innocence!) 10 Therefore I would encourage you my fellow family, to make every immediate effort to become cemented in the knowledge of our original identity revealed and confirmed in the logic of God. Fully engage these realities in your lifestyle, and so you will never fail. (Your original identity, 1kaleo, often translated as calling, to surname, to identify by name; 2eklogen, often translated as election; yet the two parts of this word, ek, a preposition denoting origin or source, and lego, from logos, suggests the original word (the logic of God) as our source [John 1:1,14]. The word, 3ptaio, means to fail, falter, or get out of tune again in the context, literally to fall, lose height, to stop flying.) 11 Thus the great Conductor of music will draw your life into the full volume of the harmony of the ages; the royal song of our Savior Jesus Christ. (the word epichoregeo is the choir conductor).

God had given every man a measure of faith, so he could control himself and focus on life, godliness and the spirit within. The ark of God now lives directly inside of humanity.

Romans 12:3-6 (du Toit, Francois. Mirror Study Bible) 3 His grace gift inspires me to say to you that your thinking must be consistent with everything that is within you according to the measure of faith that God has apportioned to every individual. 1Let the revelation of the redemption shapes your thoughts. (The word 1sophroneo means a saved mind) 4 The parallel is clear. There are many different members in one body, yet not one competes with the other in function. Instead every individual member co-compliment the other. 5 In Christ, the many individuals are all part of the same body and members of one another. 6 Our gifts may differ in function, but his grace is the same. If it is your turn to prophesy, let faith and not a title be your inspiration.

God had released the Holy Spirit in Joel 2 but the pagan magistrates, Pluto, Socrates and later Alexander were determined to keep man condemned about there sin. Keep them focused on their behavior and they will never rise, that way we will control the masses. Convincing them that they couldn’t hear from God for themselves. That the spirit of God couldn’t live in ordinary man. Back then it was the destruction of women also; for in Jesus day they had prestige, were preachers and became mighty women for the gospel. Great women went to China and changed the world. Great people who had a passion for life, chose to be inventors, problem solvers, all to the glory of God, even if they didn’t know him, were told they were evil and worthless. He used them all. Think of Job he didn’t know God until God, revealed himself to him. He uses you for his glory.

The men of the first to third centuries had ample reason to believe that it was the belief of Paul's friend Polycarp and then Origen with many others historians, knowing the spirit of God now was in every person breathing.

Not one word is found about sorrow in death, at any of the graves in the catacombs, the graveyards, or any horrible place. The door way was a better world expressed with hope and trust with emblems and inscriptions. Nowhere on the tombs in the catacombs was they ever mentioned anyone who died that they went to hell. Nowhere did you see sorrow for a death of a loved one. On every tomb stone was written things like this. “Conquering Cross, Good Shepherd, carved with fish, a vine, a sheep, a dove, eagle, palm tree, even an ark. Always an expression of endearment and confidence. The inscriptions were of faith, hope and cheerful confidence.

Nowhere is there any expression of any kind of assumption of separation of the living from the dead. Mankind is a brother hood, a unity for all included. Such inscriptions: Paxtecum Urania, Peace with thee, Urania, Semper in D. vivas, dulcis anima. = Always in God may thou live, sweet soul.

The first Christians believed the grave was a doorway to a better life and expressed hope and trust reflected in the inscriptions we have found.

In comparison a story of a father, Calus Sextus, a Roman under Greek thinking was, Valle AEternam, farewell forever – gives a view of his hopeless expression of the reality of death from his pagan eyes.

The Christians believed it was a birth, harps, palms, crowns, anchors, that surrounded the graves. They discarded grief, wailing, paying for wailers, the prayers for the dead were thanksgiving for Gods goodness.

Eternal Life:

Romans 16:25 (Mirror Study Bible) I am not talking “hear-say-theory”; I own the gospel I proclaim! This is my message! I salute God who empowers you dynamically and establishes you to be strong and immovable in the face of contradiction. Jesus Christ is the disclosure of the very mystery that was concealed in silence before 1time or human 2history were recorded.

Titus 1:2 This is the life of the ages which was anticipated for generations; the life of our original design announced by the infallible resolve of God before 2time or space existed. [Mankind’s union with God is the original thought that inspired creation. The word, 2aionios, speaks of ages.] Paul speaks of God’s mind made up about us, before the ages, which is a concept in which eternity is divided up into various periods, the shorter of which are comprehended in the longer. The word, 1xronos, means a measured duration or length of time; kairos is a due, or specific moment of time. This was before the ages or any measure of calendar time existed, before the creation of the galaxies and constellations. There exists a greater dimension to eternity than what we are capable of defining within the confines of space and time!

God’s faith anticipated the exact moment of our redeemed union with him for all eternity! "This life was made certain before eternal time." [BBE 1949, Bible in Basic English] Paul’s gospel does not merely proclaim Christ in history; he announces Christ unveiled in human life; Christ in you!) Mirror Study Bible

Romans 16:26 The mystery mirrored in 1prophetic Scripture is now unveiled. The God of the ages determined to make this mystery known in such a way that all the nations of the earth will hear and realize the life style that faith ignites. (This gospel breaks the silence of the ages and reveals how God succeeded to redeem his image and likeness in mankind.  Isa 53:4-5. Faith inspires an obedience of spontaneity beyond guilt and obligation.) Mirror Study Bible

Romans 16:27 Jesus Christ uniquely articulates the wisdom of God; he is the conclusion of the ages. (Uniquely, 1monos, alone, Jesus has no competition; this one man represents the entire human race; this is the mystery of the ages. du Toit, Francois. Mirror Study Bible

1 Corinthians 2:7 We voice words of wisdom that were hidden in silence for timeless ages; a mystery unfolding God’s Masterful plan whereby He would redeem His glory in man. Our glorification has always been God’s agenda, even before time was. Mirror Study Bible

1 Corinthians 2:8 Neither the politicians nor the theologians of the day had a clue about this mystery [of mankind’s association in Christ]; if they did, they would never have crucified the Lord whose death redeemed our glory!

The word, 3sophos, means clarity, wisdom. He forever broke the silence of the ages! The words, 4eis anion, eis indicates a point reached in conclusion, thus the conclusion of the ages. He is the 2doxa, opinion; the logos that was before time was; the Word that became flesh and dwells within us [John 1:1, 14]. The incarnation [Latin, in carne, in the body] is the final trophy of the eternal logos and doxa of God. Mirror Study Bible

Colossians 1:15 In him the image and likeness of God is made visible in human life in order that everyone may recognize their true origin in him. He is the firstborn of every creature.

[What darkness veiled from us He unveiled. In him we clearly see the mirror reflection of our original life. The Son of his love gives accurate evidence of his image in human form. God can never again be invisible!] Mirror Study Bible

Colossians 2:3 Everything that could possibly define our wealth is 1hidden in Christ. In this place of our union in him the complete 2treasure of all wisdom and knowledge is sourced. (The word, 1apokriphos, translates from apo, away from and krupto, to conceal, to keep secret. The word, 2thesaurus, means treasure; the place in which precious things are collected and laid up; from tithemi, to place and theo, God, the ultimate capacity of all things. Christ is the context of all wisdom and knowledge.) du Toit, Francois. Mirror Study Bible

Colossians 2:9-10 Christ reveals that there is no place in the universe where God would rather be; his fullness physically resides in Christ! Jesus proves that human life is tailor-made for God! Jesus Christ mirrors our completeness; he is I am in us. Any teaching that leaves you with a sense of lack and imperfection rather than completeness is a distraction from the truth. Mirror Study Bible

Paul’s persuasion is firmly founded in his understanding of the success of the cross. In the economy of God, Jesus represents the human race. Every possible contradiction is filtered through this perspective.

1 Corinthians 2:9 It is written: “What has been concealed for ages in a realm inaccessible to the senses; what no human eye could catch a glimpse of, nor their ear could even hear a whisper of, neither could the inquiring mind decipher the code of that mystery which God has already 1fully accomplished and prepared as a royal highway 2imprinted in the hearts of his lovers!"

The exact detail of his plan, to rescue his image and likeness in man, was in place. How Jesus would represent mankind to die their death was the wisdom of God concealed. In the mind of God, we were associated in Christ before the ages; this was according to God’s eternal resolve. “The things that God has prepared” or 1hetoimatzo, from the oriental custom of sending people ahead to level the roads and make them passable before a king’s journey. What seemed a cul-de-sac for the flesh is a royal highway for faith. The redemption of mankind was not to be the product of human philosophy or speculation.

In the Hebrew text it is a quote from Isaiah 64:3, 64 the Hebrew word חכה 2 ghaka, is used, which means to carve an image; to show by drawing or description, piercing, traditionally also translated as those who “wait upon the Lord.”[In Psalms 64:3 and also in Isaiah 40:31, a different word is used for those who “wait” upon the Lord, קוה kawa means to intertwine.

Paul writes in Greek and most probably from the Septuagint when he quotes Isaiah 64:3 and uses the phrase, “for those who love him.” The Septuagint uses the word, eleos, tender compassion. Thus, faith opens the horizon of love’s mystery. It is a place where thoughts 2carve an impression; a place not accessible to the scrutiny of a suspicious, academic or a religious, guilt and a performance-based approach. see 1 Corinthians 3:20

1 Corinthians 2:10-11 Mirror Study Bible 10 These profound mysteries of God’s eternal resolve are now thoroughly unveiled to us by his Spirit; nothing is hidden from him; he explores the innermost thoughts of God. 11 Just as a person’s spirit knows their own thoughts beyond the public eye, even so the Spirit of God is our faith decoder to access the thoughts of God.

In modern technology it would be impossible to access information from a source that is not compatible with your device; or without a decoder, but God.

1 Corinthians 2:12 The Spirit proceeding from God unveils the gifts of his generosity. He has graced us with understanding so that we may know what he has always had in mind for us; this is so unlike the secular spirit of the wisdom of the world where everything has a price tag!

Christ is the unveiling of the mystery of God’s wisdom: now we know how God redeemed our righteousness and our wholeness in Christ. In God’s economy, Christ represents us; what mankind could never achieve through personal discipline and willpower as taught in every religion, God’s faith accomplished in Christ. Of his design are we in Christ; we are associated in oneness with him. Our wisdom is sourced in this union! Also, our righteousness and holiness originate from him. Holiness equals wholeness and harmony of someone’s spirit, soul and body.

Our redemption is sanctioned in him. He redeemed our identity, our sanity, our health, our joy, our peace, our innocence and our complete well-being! Secular religion is the product of the spirit of this world where everything is performance based; only the heroes of the moment are acclaimed; the rest are reduced to spectators and audience.

1 Corinthians 2:13 The impact of our word is not confined to the familiar wisdom of the world taught by human experience and tradition, but communicated by seamless spirit resonance, 1combining spirit with spirit. (The word sugkrinō, suggests a spirit compatibility; joint together fitly, compound, combine, to interpret, to compare: thus, a joining of spirit with spirit!)

1 Corinthians 2:14 The soulish person has no capacity to comprehend the language of the Spirit of God; spiritual things seem meaningless to them; they are incapable to discern that which can only be spiritually appreciated. (A performance-based mindset cannot access what grace communicates. It would be as impossible as trying to get airborne with a motor car. Law cannot compete with grace.)

1 Corinthians 2:15-16 (MSB) Those who are spiritually awakened are immediately compatible to discern all things from a spiritual [grace] perspective, while they themselves are free from anyone’s critical scrutiny. 16 There is no other basis to teach from but to echo the mind of Christ; he is the Master mind personified within us!

Colossians 1:14 Your 1accurate hearing is what distinguishes you as the resurrection generation; the days of being driven by every 2desperate, distorted passion of your former ignorance is over! The 3fashions and patterns of a redundant system are no longer relevant! (The word, 1upoakoo is often translated, obedience, from upo, meaning under, as in under the influence of, and akoo, to hear. In the context of this chapter, Peter urges us to hear accurately what was communicated in the prophetic word concerning the life of our design, now rebooted into newness by our joint resurrection with Jesus Christ! The word, 2epithumia, translates, desire, craving, longing, desire for what is forbidden, lust. The word, 3suschēmatizō, from sun, union, and schema, pattern; a typical template) Mirror Study Bible


WE are the final trophy!


Origen died tragically when persecution under Decius tortured and condemned him to die at the stake. He actually lived for a while but his injuries and suffering resulted in him dying as a true martyr in Tyre, around 253 or 254 AD at a great age of 69 years old. Even during the Middle Ages his grave was known to the people who loved him and believed in his way of life.


Pastor Valerie Rounsfull 7/10/2020