For he has delivered us from the kingdom of darkness and transferred us into the Kingdom of his dear Son, who purchased our freedom and forgave our sins. Colossians 1:13 & 14. 

Opening Prayer of Protection: Start with Praise and Worship

This is a great prayer to get your heart and mind in the right place for deliverance. To be clear, you already have all this stuff. God is always with you, He lives inside you, his angles watch over you, you have been given power and authority, you are forgiven. Jesus has bought our freedom. But this prayer is a good reminder of what you have as you build yourself up to do spiritual warfare.

Knowing you are forgiven, receiving God's forgiveness, forgiving others and forgiving yourself are KEY to healing and freedom.

God doesn't require us to follow a formula to be forgiven or free. He already provided this 2000 years ago. But it is often very helpful for US to walk through the process of asking for forgiveness and speaking out loud that we receive God's forgiveness, and forgive others and ourselves. Going through these steps helps us start to believe and have faith to receive what God has already provided. It's a process and it takes time. Give yourself some grace and remember that God loves you right now.  

#1 Call upon God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit

Holy Father God we invite you here today, we welcome you Father God and we invite the Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit to lead us. Guide our thoughts, actions and words as we become willing vessels for you to minister to us with your Glory. We receive your loving kindness and discernment of spirits.

Jeremiah 33:3 says “Call unto me and I will answer you and show you great and mighty things which we do not know”. Lord we are calling out to you today to show us the hidden holds the enemy has over our lives.

#2 Call on Angels for Protection and ministering

Holy Father God in the name of Jesus Christ who came in the flesh, we ask you to send Holy and Mighty Angels to surround us and not allow any demonic enemy from coming into this meeting. Send Ministering Angels, Healing Angels, Warring Angels to keep us safe in all our ways. We also ask the Holy Angels to come and drag out every free roaming unclean spirit from here and send them to the feet of Jesus. We command them to leave NOW in the name of Jesus who came in the Flesh. The Lord rebuke you GO NOW. We ask for Holy Angels to clean this room during the whole meeting and don’t allow any reinforcements to come in. We desire to see the Spiritual Realm as we worship you.

#3 Call the Anointing to come on all with Power, Authority and Dominion

Holy Father God in Jesus name we pray that you will anoint us with what we need today to set the captives free, in your name and to your Glory. We pray for greater gifts of spiritual discernment. We pray for words of wisdom, revelation from the Holy Spirit and the gift of Knowledge to assist us today.

Lord the Word says in Mark 16:16-18 “these signs shall follow them that believe. In my name they shall cast out demons, they shall speak with new tongues, they shall take up serpents and scorpions, if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them, they shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover.”

#4 Holy Father God we ask to be in full agreement with one another

Holy Father God in the name of Jesus Christ who came in the Flesh, according to Matthew 18:19 we come into agreement that all shall receive healing and deliverance today. Lord you said where two or more are gathered that you are among us and we can ask whatever we want and you will intercede to the Holy Father on our behalf. Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the World! The gates of Hell shall not prevail against us! If God is for us who shall be against us! No weapon of the enemy formed against us shall prosper!

#5 Authority over commanders, strongmen in all classification.

Lord Jesus you descended into Hell to retrieve the keys of the kingdom and give then to us! Therefore in the mighty name of Jesus we take authority, power and dominion over every unclean spirit within the sound of my voice. We command all evil spirit from harming anyone here. We put fetters, chains and bonds on all commanders until we tell you to stand before Jesus. We bind all under linking spirits to their commanders and all demonic spirits under their classification; including doorkeepers are bound to you as you go. You are forbidden to go anywhere else during this meeting.

#6 We Plead the Holy Blood of Jesus over everyone here.

We are all covered by the Holy Blood of Jesus in this room and anyone who may enter. Satan neither you nor any demon from hell can operate against the Holy Blood of Jesus.

#7 Put on the Full armor of God, Ephesians 6.

We claim the full armor of God over each person. We put on the Helmet of Salvation, to hear the voice of Jesus. We put on the breast plate of Christ’s righteousness, the belt of truth, and put on the shoes of the gospel of Peace, we take up the shield of faith and the sword of the Spirit to do battle within the spiritual realm against all the enemies of God!

#8 Take authority over their Power and Abilities, take off any weapons of their warfare.

We take authority over all powers and abilities of the enemy. We remove any weapons of their warfare including, crowns, cloaks, swords, sabers, shields, scepters, cards, mantels or anything else. We sever off all demonic Strongmen, Kings, Princes, Prince Master Rulers, Chiefs, under linking spirits and imps, all lying spirits, deceiving spirits, trickery spirits, blocking spirits and every spirit who's function is to hide or keep us from getting to the commander!

#9 Use the Sword of the Spirit.

We take authority over all your powers and abilities from any assignment against those here and we can do so now in the name of Jesus. We take the sword of the Spirit and sever between each strongman’s classifications. We sever all support and transference cords between them and place a wall of the Holy Blood of Jesus between them. We take authority over them assisting each other and each strongman now stands alone to face the Divine Judgment of God! We pray that the Spirit of Truth will assist us and weigh out each word from the enemy and if he lies to us about his function or name, we call for the judgment of Jesus.

#10 Ask Forgiveness, break curses.

Holy Father God we come to ask Forgiveness and know that we are forgiven, break all curses, all trespasses and transgressions and the sin that brought it in. We ask forgiveness for this from the Fathers family line, the mothers family line and the husband or wives family line, all sins of my whole family all the way back to the root of the tree of Adam. I decree that I receive everything that the tree of Life has for me from the foundation of the world.

(Take each section and go through it slowly, working on everything the Holy Spirit shows you. Take time to really pour out the truth to God the Father and let it take root in you. If the Holy Spirit shows you something about your mom, go there with Him it is in your best interest and He is right there with you, don’t be slow in being obedient. Trust the Lord Jesus because he is right there with you. And remember He was with you when the issue happened and He wants to get this area of your live cleared up so you can be free.)

Ask Forgiveness: [remember if the Holy Spirit shows you something you did, just simply ask forgiveness]

I ask forgiveness for all sin areas within my life and to stand in the gap for any sins within my family.

I ask forgiveness and cancel now any self spoken curses which I have ever spoken out against myself.

I ask forgiveness for any curses which my family has allowed or brought upon itself and for each sin which brought it in.

I ask forgiveness for all willful sin against God

I ask forgiveness for all occult sins, witchcraft, sorcery and rebellion which is as the sin of witchcraft.

I ask forgiveness for all addiction, generational curses and blood line curses.

I ask forgiveness for all sexual sin I have done and all generational curses against me.

I ask forgiveness for rejecting my Father, my Mother, my Brothers, my Sisters and sinning against them.

Forgive: [If the Holy Spirit shows you someone to forgive DO IT]

I forgive my Father for everything that He ever did to me to hurt me and everything He did against me.

I forgive my Mother for everything that she ever did to me to hurt me and everything she did against me.

I forgive everyone I’ve ever known for everything they ever did to hurt me and did against me.

I forgive them for not doing everything that they should have done to protect me, help me and love me.

I forgive all verbal, mental, sexual, emotional, or physical abuse.

I forgive all rejection, abandonment, broken heart, anger, rage, hatred, murder with my mouth, bitterness and envy or feelings of wanting revenge and I command them to go now in Jesus name.

Renounce: [If the Holy Spirit shows you an agreement with the enemy renounce it]

{go through this list slowly and really take each word to heart and work on getting these things out.}

I renounce all generational curses of antichrist spirits and suicide spirits ruling my family.

I renounce all unbelief, doubt, religious error, spiritual pride, fear, mistrust and distrust, disobedience.

I renounce Claiming I’m sick or have pain [or whatever it is] because I’m not.

I renounce all labels put on me by Doctors, nurses, health care or mental health professionals.

I renounce all demons; get out of my Body, Mind and Blood, out of the inner core of my being.

I renounce and call out all power and strength spirits.

I renounce and call all demons to join together as one and come out now according to Matt 16:19, 18:18.

I renounce all demonic patterns in my life, I declare myself to be changed into Gods likeness.

I renounce all soul ties with unhealthy relationships: ex-husbands, sexual relationships outside of marriage, relationships with those family members involved in witchcraft, addictive behavior,(etc.)

Command all of these things to go now in Jesus Name - God who came in the Flesh.

Holy Spirit I ask you to come in and I rededicate all these areas to Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior.

NOTE: We will have an in-depth renouncement lists for specific areas of your life soon. Example: eating disorders, alcoholic generational curses, abuse, doing time in prison, un-forgiveness, your wrong reaction to abuse against you (which brings a curse) witchcraft practices (every form of it in every area), Cult activity such as the Masons, and every sickness and disease, etc.

These will be coming with powerful results for you to become FREE. We want you to be FREE to step into your calling. Please come back and work on this prayer. Deal with forgiveness, being forgiven and continue to renouncement every thing on this list everyday till we can get more things on the web site.

You have homework to do, start asking family members what was in your family line.

Example: One women shared that Jesse James was in her family line. Think about all the curses he brought upon her family and what she had to renounce and break the ties with the enemy to get her family line free by the Blood of Jesus.

Now start looking up all healing scriptures in your Bible and start declaring them over yourself today.